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I'm pleased to say that Abacus service was superb & efficient.
I would unequivocally recommend it to everyone needing its services.


I would like to thank and congratulate everybody involved in this assessment on a job well done.  I was incredibly impressed by the efficiency, knowledge and speed with which everything was done.  It is a huge improvement from the previous suppliers that we used and we will most definitely be in contact with you again in future for our next assessment.  It was a pleasure dealing with you


I was really, really impressed with the quick response. It was not even quick or express but something else I’ve never experienced. Thank you and YES I will recommend you to my friends.


Thanks very much Deon for a display of professiona-lism seldom found in our beautiful country. We might be poorer by R850-00, but we are richer in future projects and contracts


I was more than happy with your service; and I will certainly recommend you to other business persons.


 I am very satisfied with the speed and accuracy in which this process was executed. Will definitely recommend your company to my associates!


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Click one of the following options to apply for your IRBA Accredited BEE Certificate in terms of the BEE Codes.

  • EME Certificate (Sector Codes) -              (Click on EME button below),
  • QSE Certificate  (Old Codes)-                   (R 5 Mill - R 35 Mill pa) or
  • Generic Certificate (Old Codes) -             (More than R 35 Mill pa)
  • Generic Cetificate (Amended Codes) -     (More than R 50 Mill pa)

Need a Confirmation Letter from Abacus to support your Affidavit? Click on EME button below & choose Confirmation Letter in support of Affidavit from the dropdown.

Please note that the Amended Codes only apply to entities which do not fall under any Sector Code, as per the Codes if an entity does fall under a sector code it can only be measured in accordance with that sector (except Construction and CA Sector which has been repealed and fall under the Amended Codes now)

EME Certificate Application Form QSE Certificate Application Form GENERIC Certificate Application Form
 Changes to Current Certificate BEE Empowering Suppliers View BEE Tenders

IRBA EME BEE Certificates in 24 Hours
! Here's how!

The definition of EME means exempt micro enterprize which means you will receive a level 4 or 3 BEE Contribution Status dependent on your ownership structure as well as your Empowering Supplier status.

 Step 1- Apply Online.

Click on the relevant button above. Complete in the required fields, Agree to our Terms and Conditions and Submit your application.You will receive a copy of the Terms and Conditions as well as an invoice via email.

 Step 2- Submit Documents.

The following documents must be submitted for BEE verification and can be faxed or scanned to Erika at fax 086 269 0718 or erika@bee-abacus.co.za :  

  • CIPC Registration Documents e.g. CK 1 CK 9, CM. Cor or Trust docs (This may vary according to entity’s form of ownership). Proof of Black ownership if relevant.
  • Certified Copy of ID Documents of owners.
  • A Sworn Affidavit that company turnover is less than R 5 000 000-00 or that you are a start- up company that just commenced business. Examples of this is a Signed Financial Statement, Bank Statements or a Letter from Auditor / Accountant confirming turnover. 

Step 3 -Receive Certificate.

On receipt of all completed and sufficient supporting documentation as well as payment, we will provide you with a IRBA Accredited Certificate.

What are the Advantages of becoming BEE compliant? 

  • You will be able to submit Tenders for government entities or companies competing in the economic value chain when you have a valid BEE Certificate.
  • Ensure your company can supply a BEE Scorecard as required by the newly promulgated Preferential Procurement Act and be identified as an Empowering Supplier.
  • The playing field is levelled as smaller BEE Verified companies can now compete against larger companies as suppliers.
  • Be recognized and receive preference  as a BEE Supplier on the database of Municipalities and Government Organisations such as the SETA's.

Value Adding Features - Tender Search & Listing 

All Abacus Clients will as from 1 March 2015 receive weekly notifications with a link to updated government and other tenders in your area and or industry. Now you will gain the competetive advantage of using your BEE CERTIFICATE to obtain tenders. A full search function will be available on www.work4all.co.za

You will also be listed on BEEDEX-South Africa's Largest BEE buying directory which will make your company products and services visible to Corporate and Government Buying Departments and will identify you as an Empowering Supplier.

IRBA Accredited BEE Verification Agencies.

A full list of IRBA Accredited agencies is available on the IRBA websites. Click on a our IRBA Certificate elsewhere on this page to see our Accreditation Status.

 Note: Make sure you obtain a BEE Certificate from a IRBA Accredited BEE Verification Agency. Click on our IRBA Certificate so see our Accreditation>>>>>

 Accreditation Advantages    

  • Ensure that your BEE Certificates improve your Clients Preferential Procurement Score as only Accredited BEE Certificates is calculated in this element.
  • All  Accredited Verification Agents are guided by strict codes of conduct in doing verification. The same rules will apply to all BEE categories in similar sectors.
  • The BEE standard ensures consistency in awarding BEE scores thereby leveling the playing field in allocating tenders. 
  •  Accredited Agents is audited by  on a continuous basis to ensure fairness and impartiality. 

  • Abacus Value Statement.

Disclosure of Information:

ABACUS is committed to preserve the confidentiality of information obtained during BEE verification and will refrain from disclosing confidential information to any person without the consent of the entity, except as required by law.  

 Impartiality and Conflict of Interest:

ABACUS and its staff shall use care and professional judgement at all times to maintain impartiality and provide  BEE verifications that provide confidence and will not allow commercial or other pressures to compromise impartiality.

BEE Verification SANAS Accredited Verification BEE Verification SANAS Accredited Verification


BEE Confirmation Letter

From R 450-00

EME < R5 million turnover PA

From R 690.00 excl

QSE 1 > R5 mil < R35 mil PA

From R 4 900.00 excl 

Generic > R 35 mil PA

Per Quotation

IRBA Accreditation

bee verification

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